Friday, January 18, 2013

FAO Challenge Blogs - New Policy & A Request

Due to the exploding number of fabulous on-line Challenge Blogs in 2012, we have decided to implement a NEW POLICY here at Feline Playful. Any Challenge Blog which has shown no activity for 6 weeks will be deleted from the Feline Playful listings. In view of this we ask that you please notify us if your Blog plans on taking a break from Challenges and provide us with a re-start date; and of course let us know if you decide to discontinue your Challenge Blog.

You can contact us by leaving a comment on any blog post, or by email on felineplayful at gmail dot com.

We also have a REQUEST to make of Challenge Blogs that announce Winners. Each Challenge Blog is unique in where they place their Winners Announcement, which means our Winners Coordinators often have difficulty in locating them. As it can be time-consuming to read through lengthy posts trying to determine if any winners have been announced, could you please consider making it easier for them to find your Winners, Top 3's etc.
Here are a few ideas:
  • Change the size or color of the font for the winners. 
  • Try listing them in your sidebar and elsewhere prominently.
  • Create a link when they appear in a different location or in a post falling under the current blog post.
  • Label them so they may be found through the search box.

We are a happy team of volunteers who take great pleasure in helping our fellow crafters enjoy YOUR Challenge Blogs, please help us to do an awesome job in 2013.
Thanking you in Advance
All at Feline Playful

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