Friday, December 24, 2010

Looking for Coordinators...

I'm receiving lots of emails expressing interest in keeping the challenges going.  I honestly don't have the time to do so myself but if someone else is interested in doing so I'm open to adding them as a blog author.  So I guess I'm looking for two coordinators who are savy at blogging, available on a daily basis, good at working with others and able to step in and take charge quickly!  I know... I don't ask for very much do I, LOL!!!

I'm looking for one of you to have a killer list of challenge blogs you'd like to share with everyone and the other a love of artistic things!  If this sounds at all fun and you are interested please email me at and I'll get you going!

A HUGE thanks to everyone for considering it!


RobinH said...

I would love to help you, as I miss the daily list of challenges, however I'm so computer illeterate that I wouldn't be of much help Sure hope you can find someone

Darlene said...

I would love to help anyway I can.


Shazza said...

If I had the time I would of course have loved to help but I really hope you find some assistance