Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog appearance

Blogger decided to play some games with us last night and substituted a template design of its own choice. We got lots of positive comments on the new "clean & simple" look so even though the change was unintended we've decided to move forward and try redesigning Feline Playful with a cleaner, simpler, more streamlined (and easier on the eyes) design. While we work on the "new & improved" look we've done our best to get the old template back (and boy has that been a struggle so please forgive all the minor and not-so minor changes). So keep an eye out for Feline Playful and its new look!

Smiles, Shelley


Cindy Groh said...

Fun. I really liked the yellow & orange-ish colors. Orange is used for excitement and that was my reaction to the change. However I trust what you decide and will visit everyday with whatever you pick:)
Love this site!!

Marjo said...

Good luck! It will be grand..
Thanks again for all the hard work. You all are doing a fantabulous job!!!!

xoxo Marjo

kiwimeskreations said...

Wondered what had happened :-)

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that the light blue is harder for older eyes to read. :(

Chris said...

Halloween tricksters, LOL. I do have a request, though. Would it be possible to increase the font size, please? I am having such a hard time reading it as it is smaller than before. I do have vision issues, and thought I might ask. If not, I understand.

Thank you,

Natali said...

Anonymous, dont be afraid to write comments by your name please.. We accept absolutely all comments and "like" and "don`t like"... We just trying to make better for all of you. Thank you for your opinion.
Natali (Sorry my English)

Natali said...

Chris, we will try our best )) Thank you everybody for your comments.