Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Challenges

Happy Saturday everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful day.

If you are looking for explanations of the codes (in italics following the challenge name) please look on the CODES button in the sidebar.   Remember that the challenges listed are intended as a summary only, please respect the challenge blog, the design team and your fellow participants and confirm your project meets the challenge blog rules prior to posting your entry.


SK 176 US 207



Made by Mandy said...


I have an amendment for your list. Just gone to link a card up and noticed an anomally.

Allsorts challenges accept 3 entries per challenge.

I hope you don't mind me telling you when I see things that are different to your list. It is not meant as a criticism, it is not my wish to offend anyone. I only intend for it to help you.

We all appreciate the time and work that goes into your listings, thank you very much to each and every one of you.

Love Mandy xxx

Dawn said...

Thanks Mandy, I've double checked & you are indeed correct. I have amended the listing.Sometimes the challenge blog amend their rules & forget to let us know.
Thanks again for pointing this out!
Dawn x