Wednesday, July 3, 2013

New name, new blog

Please click HERE to get to our new blog!! 

While we have a huge following, we found there were some who thought we were a blog about playful cats.  They saw the name and didn't bother to check out who were are.  I would like to thank our team member, Juliet, for coming up with this wonderful name.  I would also like to thank Donna for all the hard work she put into this new blog, and Sharon from PlumRose Lane who created this beautiful blog for us.  Last and not least, I want to thank the entire Paper Playful Team who suffered through long discussions and several votes  before we arrived here.

All of the services we provide will remain the same.  We have a new email address  The old old Feline Playful Gmail account will be going dark.  But for now we will leave the Feline Playful Yahoo address in place but it too will go dark sometime in the future.

Here is the code for our new HTML badge for your add-a-gadget:
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Paper Playful"><img src="" alt="Paper Playful" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

We hope you enjoy our new name and look.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us.

The wonderful team at
Paper Playful

The Volunteers of Paper Playful 


kbrandy4 said...

Wow! I've just put the new badge on my sidebar and it's gorgeous!!
Hugs, Hazel xx

Chris said...

Yay for Juliet! She is always so creative and helpful to me personally too!

ellyscard creatief said...

I love the new name and the new look.
Thanks for all the hard work of the wonderful team.
Gr Elly

Ann Marie Governale said...

Wow. it looks and sounds great. I just posted this on my blog and want to say "THANK YOU" for the huge amount of work and energy you put into creating a forum for these challenges. These challenges benefit ALL of us as it is the vehicle by which we share our creations and also our frienships.. Just want you to know how many of us truly appreciate your work and how lost we would be without this blog! Lovely banner and great new start!! xxx Ann Marie Governale (My Eclectic Spirit) xxx

Christine said...

Love the new name ..always wondered why it was called feline
thanks for all you do..

smiles Christine x

tilly said...

well done on the new blog and a big thanks to everyone who puts in so much hard work and devotion to it

jimlynn said...

New name and look! Great!

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

You all do an amazing job. I don't know how you can possibly keep up with all that is happening on challenge blogs, but many thanks for doing what you do!

All the best,
Frilly and Funkie Blog

Shelly Schmidt said...

It is so much work to keep up with the challenge blogs- Thanks for all you do! I volunteered in the past, so know how much time you all put in to make this blog run!
On a side note- Karen- who started this blog- named it Feline Playful as she loves cats. Hats off to her for starting this great blog- it is a fabulous idea- and with over 2000 followers- there are plenty who figured out what it was for despite the name.....
With a new blog owner- I can see the desire for a new name- Thanks for the time you are willing to spend to keep it going- I think it is a life line for so many papercrafters- bloggers and challenge blog owners and shop owners too. Much appreciated!!!
Thanks Again!

Darnell said...

What a good idea! I must admit, when I first heard about your website, I, too, thought, um, no, that can't be right, but I'm a bit of a curious sort so I looked anyway and have enjoyed and used your services. Thank you so much, ladies, for all you do for us!! Darnell

Gail said...

I just replaced the old link with the new on my blog and's super pretty! This is really really nice looking!!!!